CallowLily was born in Los Angeles in 1985 and grew up in rural Northern California (within the confines of Ukiah, a small town two hours north of San Francisco). After surviving nine hellish years of Catholic school and narrowly escaping the now typical dysfunctional childhood that so many of us are familiar with, she pieced herself back together by attending art and music shows, as well as embracing the nocturnal habit of lurking about. CallowLily’s artwork is more often than not a peculiar hybrid of delicate beauties and harshly violent themes rendered in mixed media. Drawing inks, watercolors, acrylic, and ash are some of her most commonly frequented mediums. CallowLily has worked with photographer michelleXstar (and continues to in an ongoing collaboration of photography vs. paintings) and with an array of designers and companies, including, but not limited to, Torture Couture, Sugar Mafia, Hyz Clothing, Spare Change 21, and Bitchslap! Cosmetics. Her work has appeared on LA Ink, and Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place.